My fiancé and I sat across from our counselor and listened as she explained the difference between a covenant and a contract.

“A contract can be legally broken when one or both parties choose not to follow through with what they agreed to do. A covenant is a life-long commitment that is made with God and can only be broken by the death of one or all parties.”

Oh. Hm. A covenant sounds pretty committal. And serious.


Sixteen years of marriage has taught us that marriage is a serious, life-long commitment and there is a lot of temptation to bow out and call it quits.

It is tempting to view marriage as a contract, but it is not. It is a covenant, not only between the husband and wife, but also between the couple and God.

There are many reasons marriages end in divorce. One of the most common reasons we look to divorce as a solution is unfaithfulness. People are unfaithful to each other. We are unfaithful to each other. Sometimes in deed, but deed always starts with thought. It is easy to think what if…

“I had married someone else?”

“I can’t change the way they behave?”

“I could find someone else that could make me happier and love me better?”

The root problem with these questions is they start and end with us and leave out the other person in this covenant relationship…God.

Instead, let’s ask ourselves what if…

“God knows what he is doing?”

“God can change us?”

“God is the source of my happiness?”

This second set of questions leads us in a very different direction…

Which set of questions are you asking yourself? Do you believe God knew what he was doing when he brought you and your spouse together? Do you believe God can change the way you think, behave and even change your heart? Do you believe God can fulfill you in a way no other person can?

There is hope for your marriage. There is healing for the hurt that is growing between you and your spouse.

I invite you to discover help and hope for your marriage in whatever season you may be.

Marriage Revolution is a beautiful ministry that offers real hope and healing to individuals and couples who need - not just a pep talk - but a complete revolution in their marriage…