Hi there! Iā€™m Heather. I am the wife of Matt and a momma of four daughters. I'm the one with bags under her eyes and silver strands of hair that are multiplying daily. And that is my littlest little, whose personality both delights my soul and challenges my sanity. 

I began to write about the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus as I was encountering it in the trenches of motherhood. Jesus has been hard at work transforming my failed attempts to be the perfect wife and mom, and making me into someone new. I want to share these encounters of his grace with you, Dear Momma, who may also be in the trenches, trying to catch your breath and hold on to your sanity. Maybe, like me, you could use an encouraging friend to drop a line now and then.

I truly delight in the way God is making all things new in seasons when life overflows with chaos and indescribable joy, and I invite you to join me! The journey is better traveled with friends! Don't you agree?

So, now that we've met, let's encounter the Gospel together!