We swore we’d never homeschool our kids. Whoops…

…and after six years of teaching our children at home, I don’t know if we will ever want to go back to a traditional method of education. We have found a lot of joy in home educating (doesn’t that sound fancier than homeschooling? We be so fancy). Regardless of the title we give it, every parent is handed the responsibility of raising their offspring to become fully functioning, healthy adults (no pressure, wink, wink) and that includes their education. This doesn’t mean everyone ought to be home educating. It simply means, as with all areas of parenting, we consider carefully all the options available, and choose what we believe is best for our kids.

My hope is that as I share the joys, mistakes and, yes even some rules, I have discovered on my journey as a home educating mom, you will be encouraged to consider the joys you are discovering on your own journey.

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Don’t leave without your party favor! Click below to get a free list of must-reads for you and your kiddos. I’m a firm believer that rule number one in home educating is to read aloud with your kids often! Here are some of our family’s favorites, organized by age - though you’d be surprised at how well some little ones can sit and listen to the big kid’s books and vice versa. And we love reading all together, so have some fun with this list! (Disclaimer: this list is by no means extensive! There are just too many good books out there!)

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